About Zoe Lynne Herbal

My Vision

Holistic care, and thusly therapy, involves tailoring treatment to include all aspects of healing. This ensures the best, most effective results. People don’t just have a physical self, there is also our social, spiritual, emotional, and mental selves that need just as much attention and care. Often times, an issue or imbalance begins in one of these realms but either isn’t recognized or acknowledged until it manages to work itself into the physical body. Unfortunately, unless the true cause is discovered and treated, it is very easy to get caught in a cycle of symptom management as so often happens in our cultures health care.

In my practice, I combine aspects of traditional medicinal theories, mental health and educational counseling, nutrition and herbal based remedies as well as emotional guidance and lifestyle/stress management. In order to bring balance back into our lives, we first must bring it back into our selves, a feat which often requires long term dedication and real change brought on through personal growth. It is truly a journey and, like any good practitioner, I am just here to guide and support you, you must heal yourself.


I have been to 2 classes taught by Zoe and found them to be very informative and fun. Zoe is very approachable and knowledgeable, I have enjoyed her classes immensely! Angela Czeman