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Holistic Health involves tailoring treatment to include all aspects of healing. This ensures the best, most effective results. People are more than a physical self; we have social, spiritual, emotional, and mental selves that need just as much attention and care. Often times, an issue in one of these realms isn’t recognized until it manages to work itself deeper into our lives. Sometimes, people can’t acknowledge a problem until it reaches the physical body, causing a cycle of symptom managements that never get you better than “okay”. With holistic care practices, the focus is discovering the underlying imbalance and working on the areas of your life where the symptoms are coming from, not just where they’re presenting. By addressing the root causes, you can escape the cycle of symptoms permanently; that’s what I strive to accommodate. By learning proper self-care practices and connecting to our environments we can be the best versions of ourselves for ourselves, all while having hands-on fun!  


Comprehensive courses for those who want the full experience of creating.


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From workshops to personal consults, I am happy to help meet your needs.  Give me a shout!

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